Loft Conversion

Loft conversion in London- things you need to know in the process of loft conversion:

To our experts at Gaza builders loft conversion in london is basically the process of converting your attic area of your loft into your useable room it might be a bedroom, your extra storage space, guest room or a recreational room depending upon your needs. Many homeowners face the problem of having extra space in their homes; loft conversion is a way that can give you the space you require in your home. Any homeowner can benefit from this feature with the basic planning. Growing families for sure can benefit from this extension by adding an extra bedroom in their house, converting your single bedroom house into double “sounds good”. Not only you are going to benefit from the extra room in house but also in future if you are planning to put your property on rent or on sale it will for sure add value in your property. Loft conversion fairly a cheaper option if you are planning to get an extra room by moving the house.

Loft conversion in London

Rules and regulations you need to know in the process of loft conversion:

Before we take over any project we make sure that we are going to plan and work on the project according to the rules and policies of the building regulations and if the planning permission is need or not. We suggest and help our clients how to go through the process while the personnel from the concerned authorities comes and inspects. Not only in the initial stages but in the process of conversion also we provide support to our clients in the inspection visits.

Preplanning assessment:

We have a vast experience of loft conversions in london we always suggest our clients that if you are planning to convert your loft into your desired room there might be certain things you have to keep in mind.

  • According to a usual estimate if the loft measures 2.3meters in height to the highest point then it is suitable for loft conversion.
  • There might be some other features of your house that you have to consider while converting your loft which could be water tanks, chimneys
  • Specific type of structure of the roof or any other obstacle.

The cost…

The cost of the whole loft conversion process vary from clients needs and the roof structure, the availability of the space alongside other related stuff like the flooring and the renovation of the staircase. As per our experience, the cheapest loft conversion is to add a room in the loft with other basic related refurbishments. The loft conversion which requires a rise in the roof or totally its removal to make a new one is considered to be the most expensive one. You can contact us any time for further details on the cost of the whole process

Loft conversion in London

It never too late to enjoy and extra room in your house, Gaza builders have made loft conversion in london suited for your requirements and we are no doubt of the best construction builders in loft conversions in the market. Around 50% of our extension work has come from our clients’ good referrals. Book an appointment now with us and enjoy the extra space you always wished for.