Top ten kitchen trends for 2018,

Tips to find the best London kitchen fitters which meet your needs

Home owners are getting more and more concerned towards the way their homes look. Now it’s not only about the living room or the master bedroom but even the kitchen have made into the list of getting the full make over and achieving the latest ongoing trends for the current era, and to achieve the desire result we will prove how our company could be the number one choice in finding the best London kitchen fitters.

The kitchen trends of this which have been revived are a mix of antique, with a usage of marble fitting, more smooths front cabinets, incorporating more and more storage making it more functional for the home owners. Classic finishing touches with the contemporary detailing giving a clean and elegant new look to your kitchen.

Classic and brass hardware

Brass hardware has again made its way back this year, you can see this trend all over social media with its successful come back. Yes it’s not a new trend but an oldie but a goodie.

Flat or smooth front cabinetry

This trend has also become very common this year home owners prefer this look and it’s very much in demand.

Extensive use of marble

Trends when viral as some of the renowned kitchen designers used marble from the floor to the ceiling and now it’s not only limited to the kitchen counter tops and the flooring. Not only white but the addition of colored marble like black and beige with the additional feature of veined marble slabs. Without a doubt it gives your kitchen a very luxurious look.

Integrated appliances

Integrated appliances in the cabinet is also very much in trend. And it gives a very clean and uncluttered look to your kitchen. The team at Gaza builders have done enormous kitchen renovations where this feature was highly demanded by our clients and with the quality work we left behind had so many positive testimonials and our satisfied clients has referred us to their friends and family as one of the best London kitchen fitters.

Extensive storage

Another very trending feature in the kitchen home improvements is the extra storage cabinets it has been seen that the storage cabinets are now from ground to the ceiling, unlike the older ones which used to have free space in the middle from the ground cabinets and the top ones.

Built in sinks

Built in sinks along with the counter top what so ever the material is another very in demand trend.

Matte finished material

The use of matte finished material is also been seen everywhere in use gives a very elegant look to your kitchen.

Wood cabinets

Wood cabinets have also made their way back in trend but it depends upon person to person what taste they have. Wood cabinets give you an antique look and will last for a very long time. Gaza builders being one of the most reliable London kitchen fitters have all the solutions of your kitchen remodeling needs.

The new dinning solution –banquette sitting

This type of dinning sitting arrangement is the best for the home owners who have small kitchen and its very space friendly.

Back splash shelves

These shelves are very useful. You can use these types of shelves for the most used things in your kitchen or even décor.

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